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Proven results of the BusinessITScan®

Improved IT services

 Business/IT Roadmapping

Stronger Business/IT Alignment

Commitment for Business&IT changes

Definition of digital & IT strategy

IT costs and IT investments in control

Business & IT improvement proposals

Software & cloud selection

Better cooperation with IT suppliers

Improve value add with digital & IT

Reinforced infosec, GDPR, compliance

Organisation assessment for M&A


These clients improved productivity and innovation with the BusinessITScan®



Van der Linden - IT's Teamwork


Asics: "The BusinessITScan® has strenghtened our vision, strategy and approach"




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2. Invite*

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4. Report

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Define priorities
prepare for action


6. Action*

Create commitment
Easy follow-up


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Indispensible insights for among others...

Board Members, Directors, Managers, BO's/PO's and IT users


More grip and value creation with IT. Directly an independent integral dashboard on IT satisfaction, the Six success factors and the 26 themes. Reinforce cohesion and strategy determination. Speed up transformation with best practices and partners. Read the whitepaper or plan a session.


IT Managers, Information Managers and Functional specialists


Focus IT more on your business. Improve IT services, create commitment and develop sourcing. Maximum depth and speed, minimal costs. Start the free BusinessITScan sneak preview and reveive your fact based dashboard and detailed report directly. Measure, improve & measure-up - as a service.



Consultants, program managers, IT service providers and accountants


Guide your client with the Partnerportal to take & execute decisions from an integral and independent view. Use best practices and connect to our 35+ partners, with 999+ years experience in Processes, People and IT. Reinforce cooperation during the entire journey. More information for partners.


Rapid and clear insights in the Six success factors for digital transformation©

The BusinessITScan® is the solution to measure and improve the contribution of IT within your organization. This unique online tool provides you a fast and complete insights in IT satisfaction, the Six success factors for digital transformation©, and the biggest attention points and opportunities. This saves time and money in extensive consulting, and enables you to start improving directly.

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BusinessITScan modules



Would you like to know more about the Six success factors for digital transformation©?

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"The ideal framework for a business centric and measurable digital strategy!"


BusinessITScan - Computable

BusinessITScan - Computable

"The BusinessITScan® offers a broad and clear insight in priorities, opportunities and risks. This is why we want to position this tool in our network. This enables our community members to identify strengths and weaknesses in their organization, without time consuming and expensive consulting. 

Sander Hulsman
Editor in chief of Computable
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