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Support your clients with the BusinessITScan®

Improved IT services

 Business/IT Roadmapping

Stronger Business/IT Alignment

Commitment for Business&IT changes

Definition of digital & IT strategy

IT costs and IT investments in control

Business & IT improvement proposals

Software & cloud selection

Better cooperation with IT suppliers

Improve value add with digital & IT

Reinforced infosec, GDPR, compliance

Organisation assessment for M&A




6 steps to speed up digital transformation

Guide your customers with the Partner portal of the BusinessITScan®


1. Register

Simple registration
Start directly


2. Invite*

Involve Business & IT
in various roles


3. Dashboard

Direct, clear, 360º


4. Report

Proposals of colleagues
advice of experts


5. Prioritize*

Define priorities
prepare for action


6. Action*

Create commitment
Easy follow-up


* Only available in complete BusinessITScan


Value add for your organization

Fast integral insight


 Insight across customer organization

 6 success factors, 27 themes

10-55 minutes completion time

Time & place independent

Direct insight in real priorities


Maximize commitment


 Involve stakeholders role based

 Listen to their opinions

 Get commitment for change

 Collect their improvement proposals

 Match these with your proposition


Increase added value


 Become a (more) strategic partner 

 Connect with ecosystem partners

 Utilize their "canned knowledge"

 Stay in control with your partnerID

 Enrich your proposition



Partnership variants of the BusinessITScan®


Refer to BusinessITScan® with your own unique PartnerID 

Receive the dashboard and detailed report (if client allows) 

Advanced: Basic + 

Your logo in the user interface

Your logo on the detailed report

Your organization profile in the detailed report

Professional: Advanced +

Invite your colleagues for the Partner module

Invite your customer relations for the BusinessITScan®

Track progress of your customer relations

Invite the stakeholders of your customer relation

Enrich the cooperation with your customer relations

Strengthen the strategic cooperation



BusinessITScan modules


Partners about BusinessITScan®

BusinessITScan - Qlaver4

BusinessITScan - Qlaver4

"Transforming your organization (digitally) to the next level requires attention to people, processes and systems. It is key to determine the right priorities. BusinessITScan® enables you to do this: in a short timeframe you collect the key information with the key stakeholders in your organization. With the generated dashboard I connect the various stakeholders and by doing so, I assist organizations and teams in their development"

Kitty Leemreize
Director of Qlaver4 

BusinessITScan - PCI

BusinessITScan - PCI

"Market demand is changing. Our customers want to be able to change their organization faster and easier, which allows them to serve their customers faster. With the BusinessITScan® of IT's Teamwork, thanks to the engine we offer our clients a very complete integrated report on business and IT in a very short time. The scan is therefore a valuable addition for a well-founded and data-driven advice, so that we relieve our clients and IT grows better with their organization."

Sander van der Velden

BusinessITScan - Kunnemanagement

"The BusinessITScan® is so valuable for digital transformation because it shortens the intake analysis and increases the quality and scope of reporting. It adds value for both the client and the consultant!"

Paul Kunneman
Consulting partner of Kunnemanagement 

BusinessITScan - Computable

BusinessITScan - Computable

"The BusinessITScan® offers a broad and clear insight in priorities, opportunities and risks. This is why we want to position this tool in our network. This enables our community members to identify strengths and weaknesses in their organization, without time consuming and expensive consulting. 

Sander Hulsman
Editor in chief of Computable
Read more in the article

BusinessITScan - AltijdContinuiteit

BusinessITScan - AltijdContinuiteit

"We used IT's Teamwork's BusinessITScan® in EMEA with 35 stakeholders. They received an invitation from the multilingual tool, to answer role-specific questions on the Internet. With their answers, the tool generated a real-time dashboard and detailed advisory report. It is very powerful to gather so many insights in a short time in this way!"

Ronald Hoogeboom
Consultant, orchestrator and coach of Altijd Continuïteit