BusinessITScan in service organizations



The BusinessITScan® strengthens your digital transformation

Service providers are information factories. Collaborative innovation is the key to success





Service organizations are a spider in the web: as information factories, they organize services that colleagues and chain partners perform. Insight is indispensable here: profitability today, customer needs tomorrow. Digital transformation is here to stay and creates new opportunities. Continuously balancing revenue model, people, processes and systems. Ensuring that risks and opportunities for improvement are clear. You want to bring your people along and chart a path to improvement.



How the BusinessITScan® helps you do this


Quick integral insight


 Independent 360º insight

 6 success factors, 27 themes

10-55 minutes to complete

Time & location independent

Directly your dashboard and report


Maximum commitment


 Involve stakeholders based on roles

✓ Listen to their opinions

 Gather improvement suggestions

 Involve them in the change

 Make your organization agile


Maximum value creation


 Small investment, big effect

 Grip on business and IT

 Better Business/IT alignment

 Value creation through IT

 Clear Business/IT Roadmap



Also transforming your organization digitally?




They too, are more successful because of the BusinessITScan®

BusinessITScan - PKN

"We tapped into a gold mine in view of the clear recommendations generated by the BusinessITScan engine, and the suggestions entered by our colleagues. We also find the design with the 'spider web' very useful. The layering of the scan has helped us prioritize and compare this to our current digital transformation plans."

Cornelis Kamp
Manager Service Center a.i.
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BusinessITScan - Stadgenoot

BusinessITScan - Stadgenoot

"With our IT team we continuously work at delivering the best IT services for our colleagues: our internal client. Within a very short time frame the BusinessITScan® provided us with organisation wide insights in IT satisfaction and points for improvement for Business and IT. These will be picked up with colleagues of various departments, also for budget creation for 2021. By doing so, we take good steps in our Business/IT Alignment and digital transformation."

Edward Przewozny
IT manager
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BusinessITScan - Terberg Business Mobility

BusinessITScan - Asics

"It was my objective to collect (critical) feedback of our internal customers of IT. The tool generated a dashboard and detailed report with recommendations, based on their inputs. It was very powerful to collect so many insights in such a short time frame!"

Jaco Reitsma