CFO Nedmag about the results of the BusinessITScan

Nedmag on track with IT compass BusinessITScan®

Nedmag enriches processes and products with magnesium salt

Nedmag produces amongst others magnesium chloride and calcium chloride, applied in refractories, pulp bleaching, road maintenance oil&gas exploration and food additives. Nedmag employs 150 employees, the annual turnover sums up to € 100 mln. Boardmember and CFO Aart Vollenhoven is responsible for amongst others IT.

Why did you chose the BusinessITScan®

Aart Vollenhoven: ‘We’ve been improving our IT-services constantly, and were facing a number of  decisions about the cloud and various business applications. In addition, we wanted to improve our information security. Nedmag wanted to deploy a solid and right priced instrument, instead of a time consuming and expensive consultant’.

‘The BusinessITScan is an highly efficient and comprehensive webbased tool. We collected information amongst 10 collegeagues about IT satisfaction, IT impact, and many facts and opinions. The six IT success factors provided us with an integrated picture of both the demand and the supply side of IT. One one hand we received great insights in Business/IT alignment, productivity and innovation .On the other hand we obtained clear insights in the available IT competencies, robustness of our IT landschape and IT financial affairs. There isn’t a single method available in the market place, which is so comprehensive and practical, facilitated seamlessly by a tool. With only a limited investment of time, we received an integrated dashboard and clear recommendations. We’ve achieved a far better mutual understanding about all relevant themes’.

How we deployed the BusinessITScan® within Nedmag

‘We choose to deploy the tool without a kickoff with the stakeholders. All stakeholders received a personal invitation with an explanation, and the credentials for their role dependant section of the assessment. In the assessment they answered both structured and unstructured questions.

That was very powerful: answering clear and relevant questions, without time consuming interviews which are processed into a report just months later. By doing this we saved time and money to start improvements which the tool pointed out to us’.

Which insights did the tool provide you

‘The realtime dashboard and the realtime customer specific report provided us with many insights. Just to name a few: in the perception of our management team and our users, our IT department was focussing too much on keeping the lights on, and too little on productivity and innovation. That’s not what we’re here for. Our IT landscape is very stable, this is what IT is appreciated for. The demand side of IT was clearly unsatisfied with the predictability of smaller and larger innitiatives.

The realtime dashboard and report gave clear directions for the steps to be taken. The answers and suggestions entered by the stakeholders and the templates and best practices gave us clear directions for the improvements needed.

The advantage for our company: this IT compass keeps us ‘on track’!

‘In the meanwhile it’s more than half a year ago that we deployed the BusinessITScan. Thanks tot he clear recommendations we have implemented a solid key user organisation, choosen clear project priorities and a transparant project planning.

We worked with more focus on the relevant innitiatives, with more focus on the business. On the infrastructure side, we have implemented numerous innovations, and we implemented various practical IT General Controls and information security measures. Within a short time frame we have been able to formulate a complete and implementable IT strategy, which is supported by our management team.’