CCO and IT manager about the results of the BusinessITScan reflects on digital strategy Project logistics, Made Easy is a specialised global logistics service provider, helping customers with their project supply chain. is a unique organisation that helps retailers with the placement and renewal of furniture. Customers include Rituals, Starbucks, Victoria's Secret and Levi's.

With a control tower and various advanced applications, customers, suppliers and logistics service providers are connected in real time. This relieves retailers of the burden of offering an optimal shopping experience to consumers in more than 65 countries. has branches in the Netherlands, the United States, Canada, China and India.

As Chief Commercial Officer, Arjan Oudejans is responsible for both business development and IT. As Director Solutions Development, Marcellus van den Berg is responsible for all IT platforms.


Sustainable logistics offers its clients a CO2 calculator: a revolutionary tool to make retailers completely CO2 neutral. Marcellus: "With all the supply chain data in our systems, we can calculate the CO2 impact per project, per region and per timeline. We collect data of all transport movements (road/air/sea) and warehouse activities based on industry standards.

Without information flows no goods flows

Arjan talks about directing all goods flows: "We relieve our customers of all their worries by planning and managing the physical flows around the construction and renovation of shops. It is absolutely key to continuously improve our information flows. We look like (and are of course) a logistics company, but our people and IT platforms are absolutely the backbone of our services. Therefore we say 'Results driven by people and technology' ".

Reflecting on digital strategy with BusinessITScan

After years of rapid growth, Arjan thought it was time to take a critical look at the internal IT services and IT platforms: "Our core application is going through a major overhaul, in which we invest a lot of time, attention and money. Therefore we asked Inter Essence to reflect on this crucial project, our internal IT services and the way we work together with our external IT service providers.

Paul de Roode from Inter Essence suggested using the BusinessITScan: "as a partner in IT's Teamwork ecosystem, it seemed like the ideal digital thermometer. In this way, in a very short time and for a sharp rate, we examined all the success factors for digital transformation with the most important people involved at Caliber".


Which insights did this give you?

Arjan and Marcellus: "For our projects and our strategy, we have learned a lot from the insights of the BusinessITScan, as well as the conversations with Paul de Roode. We put great effort in delivering quality, but reflecting on our approach and priorities proved very useful. We also saw from the dashboard and advisory report that the BusinessITScan generates, that we really need to spend more attention to themes".

What's the current status?

"With the insights gained, we have defined a number of priorities for the short term. By applying and communicating this focus, we will accelerate before the summer holidays. After that, we will pick up again with the practical Best Practices of IT's Teamwork!"