Best Practices to speed up digital transformation

Best Practices for digital transformation

Rapid change can be facilitated with the proven Best Practices of IT's Teamwork. Avoid wasting time and improve the success of your organization. Our Best Practices have been implemented in various sectors and organizations. We have structured them based on the six success factors for digital transformation©

Available Best Practices 


1. Partnership

BusinessITScan - Partnership

• Measure IT satisfaction and transformation
• Digital strategy: placemat
• Strategic & Tactic Business/IT meeting
• Alignment & key user meeting
• Portfolio management
• The art of choosing
• IT annual plan
• SLA IT services

2. Productivity

BusinessITScan - Productiviteit

• Business Process Modeling
• Placemat process execution & KPI's
• Matrix seggregation of duties
• Guidelines for data quality
• Monitoring data quality
• Internal information flows A2A
• External information flows B2B
• B2B explanation to partners

3. Innovation

BusinessITScan - Innovatie

• Business Model Canvas
• Customer journey 
• Design thinking
• Scenario analysis
• Business strategy
• Business&IT roadmap
• RFI/RFQ for software selection
• Changing culture


4. IT competencies

BusinessITScan - IT competenties

• IT strategy & IT roadmap
• IT landscape documentation
• Documenting user requirements
• Project planning & IT integrations
• Information security strategy
• HR instruments for IT
• Developing IT staff

5. IT stability & continuity

BusinessITScan - IT-stabiliteit & continuïteit

• Risk inventory
• Configuration documentation
• RPO/RTO choices
• Disaster Recovery procedure
• Test procedures & test automation
• RFI/RFQ for cloud selection
• Contract administration

6. IT financial affairs

BusinessITScan - IT-financiële zaken

• IT budgetting
• IT cost transfer
• IT cost explanation
• Plan/actual reporting
• Fiscal IT agreement
• Investment motivation
• Investment evaluation

Practical accellerators

We choose to create our Best Practices in accessible Office applications: Word, Excel and Powerpoint. This enables you to make progress without investments in expensive applications. The Best Practices are priced reasonably, and if desired we can guide you during introduction in your organization. If desired we do this with experienced consultants and/or partners, enabling you to take full advantage!

More information? 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. If desired, we can arrange for you to explore the options for your organization with one of our consultants or refer you to a partner.


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