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Our objective:
To increase the profitability and pleasure of IT in organizations


Our vision

Solid business processes and information technology improve the results of organizations. The IT function in organizations facilitate this by cooperating closely with management, users and IT suppliers.  In this manner the IT function contribute optimally to productivity and innovation. We are convinced IT functions are most valuable when they focus on 'Less iron, more business', as explained in our article in Tijdschrift IT Management.

Our approach

Organizations measure IT satisfaction and the six IT success factors with the BusinessITScan® developed by IT's Teamwork. This can be done by an organization independently, or in cooperation with IT’s Teamwork or a partner. Guaranteed is the integral insights delivered for the six IT success factors, enabling you to set priorities for one or more of the 23 themes covered by the BusinessITScan®.

Giving attention boosts results

Our consultants and partners are very experienced in improving business processes and information technology. This experience we pass on easily accessible and economically. Not via a book, a paper method or a whitepaper, but via our tool that delivers insights and direction to your organization. Bringing people and visions together from various angles. This is why multiple colleagues are involved to complete the BusinessITScan®. Providing you with a clear and useful dashboard report fully tailored to the organization’s needs, the web based modular application saves you and the organization time and cost. Reports clearly define priorities, giving focus and enabling you to channel your time and resources to the most critical aspects.

Our services

IT’s Teamwork provides professional IT related consultancy and management services assisting organizations to increase the profitability and maximise the returns of information technology. Backed by years of experience in IT related management and projects roles with major IT service providers and user organisations in both public and private sectors, IT's Teamwork offers a result-driven, efficient and effective approach to your organization’s business needs.

Experienced in all aspects of IT management, we offer a broad range of IT related services including analyses, advice, support and management, adding value to any organization. IT’s Teamwork’s approach covers all aspects relevant to increasing the success of your organization: people, process and technology. We believe in the power of difference and enjoy the challenge of delivering successful project outcomes for our clients by capitalising on people’s differences in vision, approach, expertise and personality. IT’s all about teamwork. 

Our services

BusinessITScan® and digital transformations

The unique online solution to measure and improve business and IT within your organization. More...

IT-management (full/part-time/coach)

Our consultants can temporarily manage a business unit or project, or act as a part-time IT manager. More...

Cloud Computing Consultancy

Discover the possibilities and advantages of cloud computing for your organization. More...

Merger and IT integrations

Integration of your IT is vital to make a merger succeed. We managed various integrations and carveouts successfully. More...

Some of our clients

 Darling BusinessITScanTerberg Business Mobility BusinessITScanAsics BusinessITScan

 Nedmag BusinessITScanBrezanTo-Increase BusinessITScan


Expertise of our partners

IT’s Teamwork works closely with other experienced suppliers to ensure clients have access to a broad range of services.  Partners endorsed by IT’s Teamwork are proven performers in their specific field of expertise, they contributed with their know how to the BusinessITScan®. IT’s Teamwork can arrange free introductions with partner companies for your organisation.


Information security

Personal development


Information exchange

Production automation

App development

Innovation subsidies


Company takeovers/financing

Interim CFO

Retail systems

Big data

Interim/program management

Scanning/recognition of documents

Cloud services/selection

IT infrastructure

Scrum/agile coaching

Customer journeys

IT refurbishment

Sharepoint portals/social intranets

Digital transformation

IT financing

Software offshoring

E-Commerce consulting

Low-code software development

Software testing


Management information

Technical automation


Independent license consulting

Telecom architecture/tenders

Hololens 4D-construction management

Organizational consulting (Strategy, HR)

Second hand Microsoft licenses

Internet of Things


Vision visualisation

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Interested in becoming a partner? 

Our ecosystem consists of expertise partners, consultancy partners and media partners. We believe in the six IT success factors, the BusinessITScan®, and the power of cooperation to reinforce our clients. Would you like to receive more information about our partner program, please contact us.



ITteamwork - BusinessITScan