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The six success factors for digital transformation©

Organizations in all industries need to adapt more quickly to remain relevant for their customer. Processes must therefore be more adaptable, which requires more flexible IT landscapes. However, these are often already complex. The need for faster adaptation requires increasingly close, but also more situational cooperation between various disciplines.

Digital transformation reaches from the front door to the back door of an organization. That is why often several departments have to change together. For that reason, we have created a clear framework with an accessible tool. These have alreay been applied in many sectors. Here you will find some of our references.

The advantages of the BusinessITScan®:

✓ Clear insight into coherence and logical connections

✓ Understandable language

✓ Creates connections throughout the organization

✓ SAAS application for direct data collection

✓ Continuously up to date thanks to all partners

✓ Multilingual, independent and integral


The six success factors of digital transformation©: DIRECT insights

1. Partnership

BusinessITScan - Partnership

Think from the customer's point of view

Customers change, in all sectors. All organizations therefore have the same challenge: remain relevant to their customer and continue to meet the changing customer needs. Making a customer journey and thinking in personas provides good customer insight. How that road works, and how the customer experiences the road can differ per type of person (also known as 'persona'). An organization has different external personas as a customer, an IT department has different personas as an internal customer.

Direct advice on

✓ IT satisfaction 

✓ Supply 

✓ Communication

✓ Cooperation 


2. Productivity

BusinessITScan - Productivity

Raising the bar

Information technology can contribute enormously to the productivity of the organization, provided that the business applications support the primary processes well. Productivity increases when working with as few business applications as possible, on the right peripherals. Because partnership improves thanks to the first success factor, small opportunities for improvement are often identified and realized more quickly. Identifying and implementing this & lsquo; low hanging fruit & rsquo;, shows colleagues that their IT wishes are listened to. This creates support for larger innovations.

Direct advice on

✓ Primary processes 

✓ Data quality 

✓ Management information

✓ Information exchange 

✓ Telecommunication 


3. Innovation

BusinessITScan - Innovation


Innovative IT departments can contribute enormously to organizational innovation. The image of IT is crucial in this. When IT satisfaction is low, it is more sensible to remove the causes first. Once this has been sorted out, IT can once again have a say in & lsquo; business innovation & rsquo ;. The following applies to digital transformation: This Is No IT Project. Customer and process knowledge are really needed, as is vision of the future of the organization.

Direct advice on

✓ Strategy 

✓ Realisation 

✓ Value for money 


4. IT competencies

BusinessITScan - IT competencies

Less focus on iron, more focus on business

To digitally transform an organization, it is necessary that the IT department and the external IT service providers have excellent competences. Innovative IT departments have the IT strategy and IT roadmap up to date, can successfully create projects with the user organization, in collaboration with other departments, have information security and privacy in order. Even when IT services are (partially) outsourced, the right competencies must be in-house to manage this. In all organizations this requires both good knowledge and communication skills.

Direct advice on

✓ IT strategy 

✓ Project skills 

✓ IT capacity

✓ IT processes 

✓ Information security & GDPR 

✓ Quality assurance 


5. IT stability & continuity

BusinessITScan - IT stability & continuity

Prerequisite for success

Many organizations are highly dependent on IT for the execution of their primary processes. That is why all IT services visible to the user organization (and therefore also invisible under the hood) must be continuously available. In order to keep up with the rapid development of technology, it is good to involve knowledge from external suppliers through the correct IT sourcing & amp; directing skills.

Direct advice on

✓ Incident history 

✓ Incident prevention 

✓ Characteristics IT landscape

✓ IT sourcing 

✓ Jobsatisfaction 


6. IT financial affairs

BusinessITScan - IT financial affairs

Value creation is key

Innovative organizations don't just steer their IT on financial targets. In the digital agenda, they make a clear distinction between costs and investments for & lsquo; running the business & rsquo; and for & lsquo; changing the business & rsquo ;. In any case, it is necessary to manage IT costs and IT investments predictably and professionally. Many IT departments are happy if a financial department contributes its knowledge in this area. In addition to good performance on the previous five success factors, this definitely strengthens the image of IT in the organization.

Direct advice on

✓ IT cost management

✓ IT investment management 

✓ Government subsidies 

✓ IT insurance 


Rapid and clear insights in the six success factors for digital transformation©

The BusinessITScan® is the solution to measure and improve the contribution of IT within your organization. This unique online tool provides you a fast and complete insights in IT satisfaction, the six success factors for digital transformation, and the biggest attention points and opportunities. This saves time and money in extensive consulting, and enables you to start improving directly.