Manager service center PKN about the results of the BusinessITScan

PKN taps into digital gold mine with BusinessITScan®

Protestant Church Netherlands

The service organization supports the Protestant Church in the Netherlands and its local municipalities in all areas of being a church, such as strategy, business and practical support. The fund raising campaign ‘Church in action’ is also part of the service organization. About 200 FTE work within the service organization. The department Information management & Information Technology will shape the digital transformation in 2021.

As Manager Service Center, Cornelis Kamp is a.i. responsible for, among other things, Finance and all IT services. He is also responsible for the digital transformation.

Improve digital transformation, processes and IT services

Cornelis: ‘At the beginning of March, we invited a selected group of 47 colleagues from all kinds of departments to participate in the BusinessITScan® of IT's Teamwork. Our goal was to use the results to improve our digital transformation, processes and IT services. It took about 10 to 50 minutes to complete the BusinessITScan, depending on the stakeholder’s role within our organization, and their  comments and suggestions for improvement.’

Valuable outcomes

‘One week after sending the invitations, we automatically received the dashboard and advice report generated by the BusinessITScan. The outcomes are very valuable to us. The content of the answers and recommendations make it clear that when completing this scan, our colleagues have thought very seriously about taking IT to a higher level. The setup of the BusinessITScan also contributed to this. To follow-up to the results of the scan we organized a webinar with the colleagues involved and created an IT roadmap containing all suggestions for improvement.’

Targeted action points and suggestions for improvement: a gold mine

‘Our conclusion is that we have tapped into a gold mine in view of the targeted action points proposed by the BusinessITScan and the suggestions for improvement proposed by colleagues. We also find the setup with the "spider web" very useful. The layered approach of the scan has helped us to prioritize and compare this with our current plans for the digital transformation. In a well-received webinar together with our projectmanager Erik Zevenbergen, we explained the results of the BusinessITScan and our renewed plans to our colleagues. This has been very well received in our organization.’